[alyssa liebt dich]

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I can’t believe it’s already been 1 amazing year with you <3 17 days until we move halfway across the country together, du bist meine liebe für immer :*



oh look it’s brazil’s defense

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when you taking a sneaky picture and the flash go off

Throwback Thursday- Stumphrey waiting to get weighed.

if your going to oklahoma state in the fall ya should message me! I’m moving all the way down from jersey so it’d be amazing to know someone there before I move :)

it’s official y’all I’m headin’ on out to stillwater to go to OSU so excited! can’t wait for this adventure, time to explore life outta jersey! after looking at schools all over the south and southwest for months, I couldn’t be happier to be going on this journey especially with the love of my life :)